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We provide indegrated energy services
enabling low carbon emissions for sustainable development according to your needs

The Company

INNOVATIO Private Company

Ag.Georgiou 13 Center of commerce N. Moudania, 63200, Halkidiki , Greece
Thessaloniki Branch:
Regus Business Center, 4th floor
Vasileos Irakleiou 53 and Charles Deal, 54623 , Thessaloniki, Greece
M:info (at) innovatio.gr

Helping individuals, commercial and industrial clients implement energy efficiency.

We provide turn key solutions for delivering energy efficiency strategies to your facilities.

4 Step implementation towards a sustainable future:
1. site survey / case study
2. equipment selection / deployment / measurement / control
3. Delivering Results
4. End users and stakeholders training / support

Electrical Installation Services

Our team of electrical engineers and experienced personnel undertakes the design, installation testing and maintenance services, according to the project needs.

Home / Building Automation

We are transforming spaces where people live, work and meet with electrical, digital infrastructures and connected solutions that are simple, innovative and sustainable

Energy Metering and Analytics

Discover your energy footprint in real time. Energy consumption awareness is the key to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency of your building.

Energy-efficient (Re)Lighting

Improve your wellbeing with our lighting innovations for your space, enjoying a superior quality of light through our energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services

Power Factor Correction

Reduced demand charges.Increased load carrying capabilities. Overall reduced power system loses, let the "technicalities" to our experts. You get the benefits of lower electricity bills, extended lifetime of your equipment and a lower carbon footprint on your company’s operating activities.


Contribute to the new transport revolution, choose your charging spot and be part of the fuelling network of the future. We shape the cities we live in.